My Companionship is perfect for the gentleman that is in need of some TLC.

Maybe you need someone spectacular to take to your office function, maybe you are new in town and would like to tour it in style, maybe you would just like to treat yourself to some well deserved pampering, whatever your needs, let’s see if we can create a personalized experience just for you…

All money accepted is for my time and/or companionship only.

I proudly accept:

MasterCard Visa AmEx Logos
Note: Credit card payments require an additional 15% charge. All credit card deposits and payments are non-refundable. Notification must be given at time of booking If you would like to pay with credit card.


Need some ideas? Here are some great ideas and examples of the expected donations. Have some ideas or your own? Feel free to contact me with your engagement ideas, and let’s see if we can’t make your fantasies a reality!

Simple Pleasures – Perhaps we could meet up for a little quiet-time getting to know each other. Wouldn’t it be great to spend a little time having fun and getting to know each other at your (or mine) upscale hotel? Who knows where it can go from there?

One Hr


1.5 Hrs


2 Hrs


Couples – $1600/Hr

Contact me for details

Lunch or Dinner Date – We all need a mental day from work. Go ahead, call in sick and spend the afternoon with me. Wouldn’t it be great to skip all those boring meetings and have an extended lunch or dinner with me instead? After our meal I can show you just why my hands are magical while I massage away your stress and show you all the ways you could be pampered.

Go out for a Romantic Meal

4 Hrs – $3200

6 Hrs – $4800

Stay in and Dine

4Hrs – $3500

6Hrs – $5100

Contact me for details

After-Work De-Stresser – Wouldn’t it be great to escape all the stresses and turmoils of your day? Let’s spend a late afternoon soaking in a hot tub, forgetting about all our troubles while we sip on wine, and just take time enjoying each others company.

6 Hrs


Contact me for details

Evening on the Town– Know a great restaurant or club that you have been dying to try? Need someone to go with? I just love trying and experiencing new things. Then, after an evening of excitement, maybe we could unwind with a night-cap?

8 Hrs


Contact me for details

Easy Going Evening – Maybe the active evening out is not your thing. Want some company? Let me come and visit your hotel or maybe you could come and visit mine. I love spending a quiet evening, just relaxing with good company and stimulating conversation. In the mood for some sushi carry-out, great wine and chocolate-covered strawberries?

8 Hrs


Contact me for details

Fantasy Night – Everyone has fantasies. What are yours? Maybe it is something that is elaborate. Maybe it is something that is very simple. Whatever your fantasy share it with me and let’s see if maybe we can figure out a way to work together to bring it to life.


12 Hrs


Contact me for details

Day of Adventure – Are you looking for a full day of fun and pampering. Maybe you are new in town and would love to take in all the sites that our fine city has to offer? Maybe you aren’t new and would just like to spend the day indoors and take a day off from responsibility? Make sure to spend this day with me, I can show you all the sites that our fine city has to offer, or maybe you would rather stay in and just be pampered, or on second-thought…how does a day of adventures AND pampering sound?

24 Hrs


Contact me for details

Other Ideas

  • Make an entrance and an impression by letting me accompany you to your next event. Whether it is a business party or personal affair, you can be assured you will make an impression with me by your side.
  • Let me pick you up or drop you off at the airport. What better way to see you off or welcome your arrival than a beautiful girl in a limo (available for 12+ hour engagements.  Additional travel/time costs may apply)?

The possibilities are limit-less…let your fantasies wander and let me help you turn them into a reality.

Donations vary, contact me for details

I LOVE long-term arrangements and even prefer them!

If you are an upscale, classy and respectful gentleman that wishes for a more permanent and reliable companion then a long-term arrangement could be perfect for you.

Whether your needs are for a full-time and exclusive arrangement, or just prefer to have a reliable, predictable and professional companion that is available for you on your schedule, a long-term arrangement might be perfect for you.

An arrangement is a commitment of time. Whether occasional or full-time. My commitment is to be reliable, punctual and available on your schedule. You would always get priority. After all you never know when the desire for companionship may arise! Your commitment is an allowance at regular and predictable intervals.

A long-term arrangement is perfect if you are a gentleman who…

  • Is local and knows he has periodic need for a fantasy escape. Let me by your secret fantasy escape.
  • Travels often and would like to have a fantasy companion who can travel with you and keep you company on your trips on a regular basis.
  • Travels to where I am regularly and is tired of always hunting for companionship every time you are in town. I could be that exciting fantasy that is always waiting for your arrival.
  • Is a gentleman that wants something more exclusive or full-time. You could have me all to yourself and maybe even exclusively by your side for an extended length of time (weeks, months or even years)

The expected allowance is customized based on a few criteria:

  • The amount of time you anticipate that we would spend together on a regular basis.
  • The amount of pre-planning or advance warning you are able to provide me for our rendezvous’
  • The level of chemistry that we mutually share.
  • The perks that are included in the arrangement (shopping, dining, activities, accommodations, travel and other details) that can offset the allowance.

There are 2 types of long-term arrangements:

  • Part-Time Arrangement: A part-time arrangement is perfect for the busy gentleman that needs occasional companion on his schedule. It is perfect for regular or occasional romantic rendezvous at your convenience. A part-time arrangement is perfect for the gentleman that needs an occasional companion to escape with, or accompany them on a night out, have a romantic dinner, or even be that predictable and reliable date to business functions.
  • Full-time Arrangement: A full-time arrangement is perfect for the gentleman that wants me all to himself either completely exclusive and/or by his side for extended periods of time. Just imagine having the perfect companion by your side anytime you desire. Imagine the fantasies you could live out. Perhaps exotic vacations or romantic rendezvous, could this be us? Let’s explore this together!

An arrangement means that you are always a priority and I am available for your secret escape or as your fantasy girlfriend that is always ready to be by your side as often as you desire.

An arrangement is supposed to be mutually beneficial and fun. Have an idea for a mutually beneficial arrangement? Be sure to contact me, so we can explore those possibilities.

Who knows where this could all lead? If the chemistry is on fire, maybe this could evolve into something much, much more…

Can’t travel to me? Let me bring a little sexiness to you with an exclusive travel engagement just for you.

Perhaps, you travel for business? Let me add a little excitement to that boring business trip by adding me to your travel itinerary as your gorgeous travel companion!

Maybe you are considering a much needed vacation escape? Let’s plan that trip together, and let me help you unwind, and let loose…I can certainly make that vacation much more memorable!

I love to travel! I am available for travel to you or with you anywhere in the United States, or we can put my passport to use with international travel as well!

Contact me with your travel ideas, and let’s make them exciting and sexy!

The donation for my companionship is customized to the details of your individual appointment. This allows me to concentrate on making your engagement the best that it could be. I prefer to allow you the freedom to dream up the details of our rendezvous. The process to get an appointment with me is very simple… Step 1 – Let your mind wander and think of what our rendezvous would consist of. Step 2 – Contact me, and give me the following details:
  • How long will we be together?
  • Will we be going out or staying in?
  • If we are going out, where will we be going?
  • If we are staying in, will you be coming to me or will I be coming to you?
  • How should I be dressed for our event?
  • When and how long will we be together?
  • Do you have any special requests or information that I need to know?
Step 3 – Based on the these details, I will send you a price for your personalized rendezvous. You simply accept the terms, then sit back and relax for your fantasy to arrive.


* Additional expenses for travel/time may apply. Contact me for details.
* A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure your engagement. Contact me for details.  
* All engagements are all-inclusive, no hidden fees and no up-selling.

Cancellation Policy:
*All cancellations within 24 hours of appointment require full payment. 
*Fly Me To You appointments require 72 hours of notice to cancel or reschedule. Additional travel and change fees may apply. 
*Cancelling a Fly Me To You appointment within 72 hours will require full payment.


All money accepted is for my time and/or companionship only.

Live without regrets.  Take a chance!