About Me

Age: Over 40

Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 5ft 4in (w/o heels)

Measurements: 32L – 24-34

I am a model and exclusive companion. I am very cultured, as my travels professionally and personally have taken me to many beautiful locations around the world. This experience has given me worldly wisdom and character. As a result of my many excursions, I have gained a profound appreciation for people, a positive outlook on life and an uncanny ability to adapt to diverse social situations with ease and grace.

I have golden skin tone that is accentuated by my long blonde hair and an impeccable figure. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and work hard at maintaining my toned figure. The secret to my beauty is plenty of yoga and exercise. I practice a healthy lifestyle, including a peaceful mental attitude and surround myself with positive energy. I enjoy maintaining my beauty inside and out. This keeps my mind and body in shape and harmony.

I like to dress to impress and my appearance is always elegant and sexy. I will turn heads in any room!

You will discover that I am sincere, intelligent, worldly and extremely down to earth. I have broken the mold on the standard stereotype of a model. I am also ambitious and a bit of a perfectionist. I believe that you should do whatever it is that you do, with a heart-felt conviction. This mentality and outlook is reflected in my work and life.

You will see that I am more than just a pretty exterior but a classy lady that understands and appreciates the little pleasures in life. I am a great conversationalist and enjoy a stimulating discussion over a simple bottle of wine to contemplate the many quandaries that life has to offer.

Some of my many passions in life include perusing museums, live art theaters, sporting events, exploring new dining establishments, live music, outdoor activities, and traveling to exotic locations (I have many stories about my travels, ask me about them).

Although, I do enjoy an active lifestyle, I also love to relax and unwind with an intimate evening at home.

I would also like to point out that I am pretty exclusive with the company I choose to keep. This is because of the amount of personal service I provide. I choose to keep contact with those that have a profound appreciation for quality of service. As a result, I only keep a small list of exclusive contacts. This way, I am able to remain focused and dedicated to your needs and remain available when you need me the most.

Now you know me, When do I get to know you?