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Are you a professional photographer or videographer and would like to collaborate with me?

I have also been featured in video specials and interviewed for publications and other media.

This is where you can request a booking for these types of engagements.

Please fill out the form below, and provide me with the essential details, including:

  • Date, time and duration that you would like to book with me
  • Tell me a little about the project
  • If this is an in-person booking, please provide the location of the shooting
  • Let me know the logistics of the crew (if any) that will be present, what I should prepare for, what expenses will be covered, and any other details that I should know.
  • Any compensation or offers you may have for my time and trouble

This should give me a good idea of the project and I will respond with any questions, and we can work on the details from there. 


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Sila Photo/Video/Interview Booking Request Form

Photo/Video/Interview Request Form For Sila Star

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