Need to know where I am? Below is my schedule:

> Miami from 6/28 - 7/05
> Raleigh/Durham from 7/05 - 7/08
> Nashville from 7/08 - 7/11
> St. Louis from 7/11 - 7/15
> Detroit from 7/15 - 7/20
> Las Vegas from 7/20 - 7/26
> Santa Monica from 7/26 - 7/28
> Miami from 7/28 - 8/02
> Amazing Vacation from 8/02 - 8/09
> Miami from 8/09 - 8/16
> New York from 8/16 - 8/23
> Boston from 8/23 - 8/30
> Philadelphia from 8/30 - 9/06
> Washington DC from 9/06 - 9/12
> Miami from 9/12 - 9/20
> Chicago from 9/20 - 9/27
> Houston from 9/27 - 10/03
> Dallas from 10/03 - 10/09
> Fabulous European Vacation from 10/09 - 10/19
> Miami from 10/19 - 10/25

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> Want to influence the cities I visit? Contact me and make a suggestion, maybe I will come to you!

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Let me take a moment and welcome you to my website. Thank you for stopping by. I just know that you are going to enjoy the many splendors that await you within this site, because I am having an amazing time providing it for you.

I have created this website as an extension and projection of me and my personality.

I strive to bring a new level of service and satisfaction to the Escort market. I provide services primarily in Miami and the surrounding Florida regions. However, I do travel, so be on the lookout for me in your area. If you can't wait to see me, bring me to you, I do offer travel rates and options.

When you think style, sophistication and elegance, I want you to think Sila Star.

My goal is to bring you an experience that projects these qualities throughout this site and my services. Whether you are a photographer that is looking for the perfect look for your next project, a business man looking to make an impact at your next office party, or an individual that would like to spend an intimate evening of fine wine, fine food, intriguing conversation with an unforgettable woman, I am just what you need. Treat yourself...

So, Take your time getting to know me through the many passions that I have portrayed here on this site. Perhaps we have some passions in common?

....sit back, enjoy, and maybe....just will experience the passion I am trying to project...


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